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About Me

My name is Kendreia Dickens-Carr, M.D. and I am a board certified obstetrician/gynecologist. I currently lead a team of dynamic physicians and am extremely passionate about effective leadership and leading with purpose. My blog will inform and transform any person thinking of stepping into a leadership role.

I have been in medical leadership for a decade. The decision to choose to enter into leadership was two fold. First, I desired to improve the day-to-day functionality of the medical groups in which I practiced. Secondly, I wanted to help to ensure that our practice was providing the most up-to-date evidenced based medicine within our community. Little did I know, this was half the battle.

This blog will detail what it takes to be an effective purpose-driven leader in both positive and adverse circumstances.

Kendreia Dickens-Carr, M.D.
Purpose-Driven Leadership
Premier Ob/Gyn Hospitalist Group

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