Company Culture

What is Company Culture? It is a set of shared values, goals and attitudes and practices that characterize an organization. It is the way the people in the organization feel about the work they do, their mission, values and where they see the company going in the future. More important to culture is how the individuals fit into the framework of helping the company achieve its goals. Taken all together, these characteristics represent the personality–or culture -of an organization.

The company’s culture influences the productivity of workers from the top to the bottom. The work environment will largely dictate the quality of an employee’s work life. If an individual works in a company that has a culture which aligns with their own beliefs, values and attitudes, they are more likely to remain with that company for the long haul. However, if a company’s culture does not reflect one’s own personal beliefs/values, they are more likely to leave the company or be a lackluster underproductive team member. The latter is definitely more detrimental to the organization.

So, the company culture is crucial to the viability of the organization for several reasons. A strong culture will aid in the recruitment of top recruits because job seekers consider company culture and values to be the most important factor when considering career opportunities. Also, it aids in the retention of employees and increasing engagement. The end result is a more productive work environment which translates into increased profits. All organizations must manage the company culture and find ways to improve it. Since the PEOPLE in an organization are its most valuable asset, the investment in company culture is logical.

How does a company build a great company culture? The first step is defining what you mean by work culture and that is determined by the values of the company and why it exists. For example if your company does not do anything to promote recycling, it will not be an ideal environment for an individual who values recycling. Many of these types of values are outlined in the mission/values/vision statement. These can be modified with the input of the team to further bolster a strong company culture

Other tips to bolster company culture are:

  1. Ask employees for input- many employees come from varying experiences and can provide valuable information about past experiences that worked in an organization. These tidbits can be tweaked and implemented in to the present organization to improve the culture.
  2. Hiring people from diverse backgrounds (race, age, genders, and cultures) will help to provide an environment that is rich in differences which fosters greater cultural awareness.
  3. Encourage Work-Life balance to reduce stress
  4. Make sure employees know your expectations.
  5. Always remind employees that heir work matters and recognize their achievements
  6. Create opportunities for team building and the development of relationships (outside of work).

Bolstering company culture creates an environment where employees feel more comfortable with each other. They feel safe, supported, and appreciated at work. This is an environment where people are able to work hard and perform well. Both the employee and the employer will benefit from this type of culture.

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