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Innovative Leadership

Purpose-driven leaders must be able to incorporate innovative leadership principles in order to keep their team competitive and up to date. Innovative leadership is a style that entails applying innovation and creativity to managing people and projects. An innovative leader will inspire productivity in ways and through different avenues than have been used or taken in the past. Especially in times of uncertainty (like post pandemic), an innovative leader or a creative leader is of great benefit to a company.

Innovative leaders are willing to try different concepts or ideas. they are able to think outside the box in order to meet a challenge and be successful. An example of an innovative leader would be Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple, Inc.. He inspired his team to “Think different” and it revolutionized Apple’s ability to market and sell their products.

An innovative leader does not have to be the mastermind behind all new and creative ideas produced. This leader is able to acknowledge the greatness in their team and assist to help develop ideas. They have no problem in being a participant in helping to guide a team idea to success. These leaders are able to adapt to change, try new concepts and envision the path forward for a creative idea.

Any leader can become an innovative leader. One can start by:

  1. Being willing to keep learning
  2. Study innovative leaders
  3. Look for ways to improve upon current concepts
  4. Set manageable goals
  5. Find you passion
  6. Be willing to adapt
  7. Be persistent

How are you leading and promoting innovation in your organization??

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