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Fear Not

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Many leaders are driven by the money mindset which is fueled by fear, security and scarcity. It is motivated by an urge to play it safe and not take risks or make a mistake. Let’s face it no one has ever changed the world or struck it rich by playing safe. Purpose-driven leaders know that letting fear guide their decisions blocks their ability to stay true to their personal and business purpose. Instead, they view fear as a sign that they are operating in their purpose and challenging themselves to do things that are crucial in the world and their organization.

If most of your decisions are centered on making money, containing costs and staying on budget, you’re falling prey to this fear-driven mindset. If all you are concerned about is, “Can we afford it?” you’re selling yourself and your company short. You’re asking..”How?”. Traditional management 101 teaches that focusing on budgets and profits is good business practice. But, great management does not always mean GREAT LEADERSHIP.

Great Leaders stay focused on where they want to go and how they want to make a difference in the world. With their purpose in mind, they are able to confront their fears and take strategic risks to do the things they “can’t afford” in the short term. They are aware that, in the long term, they can’t afford not to make the investment. Whether investing in infrastructure, people or ideas, purpose-driven leaders focus first on whether the investment is going to help them fulfill their company’s purpose. But don’t get it twisted, they definitely do consider the profitability of the investment and how to fit it into the budget—they just don’t start there.

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