Leading with Purpose

Are you leading work that you love in an organization you care about with people you enjoy?? If you are, then you have some idea of the power of purposeful leadership. Leading with purpose channels enthusiasm and zeal into an intense energy and drive. The leaders with purpose stay focused and committed which is extremely important in a world full of obstacles and challenges….Like a pandemic, or in the face of competition that threatens to dismantle your organization.

I faced such challenges over the past two years and had to refocus and rethink my leadership approach and find a purpose to drive and sustain the organization. I had to figure out a way to improve the team members experience in ways that respected the individual differences-home lives, skills and capabilities, mindsets, personal characteristics, and other factors. I was able to implement new strategies in listening, empathetic leadership, two-way communication channels and can now address team members experience in a more targeted and dynamic way. This all starts with effective purpose driven leadership.

When you lead with purpose in any environment, you radiate energy and passion for the work. It inspires and motivates others. These leaders attract talent to their teams and inspire achievement even beyond what is thought possible. Do you want to know what it takes to be a purpose driven leader?? Follow me, Dr. D, as I explain how to transform yourself into a purpose driven leader.

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